Duck Dukkha

Duck Dukkha

Without fail every week at the farmers markets we've attended over the last couple of years, market dwellers see our little pots of seasonings and ask us, "Are these dukkha?". 

So to please those dukkha enthusiasts, here's a simple recipe using our duck seasoning and something a little different from a traditional Egyptian recipe.



1/2cup walnuts

1/2cup almonds

1/4cup cocoa nibs

1/4cup sesame seeds

1/4cup pumpkin seed

1/4cup sunflower seed

1/2 a packet 30g Wild Fennel Co. Duck Seasoning



Lightly toast the walnuts, almonds, cocoa nibs, pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a dry pan at a medium heat. Keep a careful eye on them and gently move them around the pan so they do not burn. Once toasted add to a bowl and set aside. 

Do the same with the sesame seeds and place in a second, seperate bowl.

Transfer the first nut mixture to a blender and pulse to a coarse texture. Pour back into the bowl and add the sesame seeds and Wild Fennel Co duck seasoning. Mix well.

To serve, try some crusty bread spread with sour cream and avocado and sprinkle the dukkha on top. Or, for a complete dish, shred some roast duck and serve with roasted pumpkin and garlic hummus with a healthy sprinkling of the dukkha on top for crunch.

Duck Seasoning

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