Baked Hasselback Potatoes with Sour Cream

This is a very simple yet delicious dish. Great as a side dish or as a main accompanied with a salad. Serves 4.
Olive oil
8 medium sized potatoes (agria or other varieties good for baking)
Sour cream
Chopped herbs of your choice
Thinly slice your potatoes three quarters of the way through all the way across the face of potato. Be careful not to slice all the way through as you want the potato to hold its shape during cooking.
Drizzle with olive oil and generously sprinkle Wild Fennel Co. Roots Seasoning (smoked paprika, sumac & thyme) over the top and gentle rub in to the slices. Place into an medium to high heat oven for 30-40mins until they are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. 
Serve with sour cream and freshly chopped herbs such as thyme, chives and parsley. Or all 3 for extra fresh flavour.
Always Roots Seasoning Spring Vegetarian

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