Got your free spice blend?

We were thrilled to work with New World this year to create a range of delicious spice blends and we've been so humbled to hear how well they've been received by their customers. As they were limited edition we thought we'd suggest some other seasonings from our Wild Fennel Co. range you might enjoy!

After something similar to the meat blend?

Try our Roots Vegetable blend - a light, aromatic and smokey seasoning. We also have 6 other blends for meat in our meat range; why not try them all with our Meat Range Variety Pack?

After something similar to the seafood blend?  

Try our Salmon blend, or check out the rest of our seafood range!

After something similar to the vegetable blend?

Try our Duck seasoning, or indeed check out our veggie range of seasonings, the latest addition to the Wild Fennel Co. seasonings range.

Looking for your nearest stockist? Send us an email and we'll point you in the right direction!

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